2021 Scholarship Winners



Matthew Gray- Winner of John Sheriff and Dan Lloyd Memorial Scholarship

Matthew is the son of Donald and Kathy Gray of Aledo.  He is a recent graduating senior of Mercer County High School. He plans to attend Augustana College to study engineering physics this fall. He has been active with his 4-H club, serving in several leadership positions. At Mercer County High School, Matthew was a member of the National Honor Society, graduated in the top 10 of his class, and was active in FFA. 

“I am so grateful to this committee for selecting me as the recipient. I will be able to focus on my educational studies in engineering to further advance my knowledge. I plan to give back to future agriculturalists through improved efficiency and design in equipment. The Farm Bureau is a wonderful organization that keep’s the farmer’s interest and perspectives in mind.” said Matthew.


Sheridan Hank

Sheridan Hank is the daughter of Jeff and Trisha Hank of Aledo. She will be a college sophomore at Lank Land College in the fall with a major as an ag transfer student. Sheridan has been very active throughout the Mercer County community with different agriculture volunteer opportunities. While at Mercer County High School, Sheridan was very active with FFA, holding many leadership positions, as well as holding leadership positions in her 4-H Club. 

“A Farm Bureau Foundation Scholarship makes a big difference for agriculture students like me. I am a freshman Ag Transfer student at Lake Land College where I am a member of the Livestock Judging Team, Collegiate Farm Bureau, and the Ag Transfer Club.” said Sheridan

“I intend to transfer to a university where I will major in Ag Business/Accounting/Pre-Law and after Law School plan to return to Aledo and open my own farm-focused law firm. At the same time, I continue to operate a small herd of Angus cows, load fat hogs when I am home, intern with County Line Seed, and commit to community service. As a young farmer, I am a member of Farm Bureau and donate to the Foundation Scholarship fund because I know what a financial impact it can make for ag students."

Sheridan was also awarded the Top Scholar Scholarship by the IAA Foundation. Only 2 other students were chosen to receive this award throughout the state this year. She represented Mercer County very well statewide.

Kaelyn Boruff

Kaelyn Boruff is the daughter of Bill and Stacey Boruff of New Boston. As a recent Mercer County High School graduate, She plans to attend Kirkwood Community College this summer, majoring in veterinary tech. Kaelyn has been very active with the Mercer County Extension and 4-H Club, holding many leadership positions.

“I would like to thank the Mercer County Farm Bureau Foundation for awarding me with a scholarship. The money will help tremendously with tuition as I begin my education at Kirkwood Community College this summer.” Said Kaelyn.

Tori Speer

Tori Speer is the daughter of Doyle and Annette Speer of Aledo. Tori will be a junior at Northwest Missouri State University, majoring in agronomy with emphasis in crops and a minor in animal science. While at Northwest Missouri State, she has held leadership position in her Sigma Alpha Sorority and is a Collegiate Farm Bureau Member. 

“This Scholarship will help me continue my education in Agronomy and Animal Science at Northwest Missouri State University to enable me to get a job in the agriculture field to help farmers and agriculturists provide their services to the world and to educate people about the safe practices we do when growing crops and managing our animals.” Tori shares.

Ann Weber

Ann Weber is the daughter of Brice and Kelly Weber of Sherrard. She will continue her education at Western Illinois University this fall majoring in agriculture science with a minor in animal science. Ann attended Black Hawk College, East Campus before transfering to Western. While at Black Hawk East, she was an Ag Ambassador and was a Collegiate Farm Bureau member. 

“From my high school years, it was a long-term goal of mine to be the first one in my family to receive a bachelor’s degree. Through the Mercer County Farm Bureau Scholarship program, I am able to continue to reach for my goal. I am grateful for the opportunity the organization is providing me and other students.”

Allison Lloyd

Allison Lloyd is the daughter of Dave and Kim Lloyd of Reynolds. Her future plans are to transfer to Western Illinois University in the fall, majoring in animal science. While at Black Hawk College, East Campus, Allison was a Black Hawk East Ambassador and was active in the Horticulture Club. 

“The Farm Bureau scholarship is beneficial to me as I further my education because it assists me in paying for my school expenses. I am thankful for organizations like the Farm Bureau that offer financial help to those choosing to grow their knowledge in agriculture and that strive to make positive changes in the industry. Thank you, Mercer County Farm Bureau, for all you do!”

Kaylee Ortberg

Kaylee Ortberg is the daughter of Keith Ortberg and Susan Holmes. She is a recent graduate of Mercer County High School, planning to attend Blackhawk Community College in the fall, majoring in accounting. While at Mercer County High School, Kaylee was active within the FFA chapter. 

“My scholarship that I received from Farm Bureau is important to me because it will help me further my education at Black Hawk. The Farm Bureau is important to me because it helps educate the community on current agricultural news.” Kaylee shares.

William Franck

William Franck is the son of Wayne and Surrette Franck of Aledo. As a graduate of Sherrard High School, he plans to attend Drake University, majoring in law and business in the fall. William has been active with his 4-H group in the Hamlet area. 

“Thank you for selecting me for the Mercer County Farm Bureau Foundation scholarship award.  I am very excited to attend Drake University this fall.  I chose Drake University for its 3 and 3 Law Program and for its strong program specializing in agricultural law. This scholarship will help support my dream of becoming an attorney in the area of agricultural law.” Said William.

Walter Franck

Walter Franck is a son of Wayne and Surrette Franck of Aledo. He is recent graduate of Sherrard High School. Walter plans to attend Iowa State University in the fall, majoring in agricultural engineering. He has held leadership positions within his 4-H club.

“Thank you for selecting me to receive the Mercer County Farm Bureau Foundation scholarship award. This scholarship will help me reach my future goal of becoming an agricultural engineer and graduating from Iowa State University.” Walter shared.